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Box Android app offering 50GB of free storage space

You heard it right. We all have heard about and used Dropbox which gives us 2GB of free cloud storage and we can access our files from anywhere, whether it is a desktop or our android smartphone. But Box is offering us 50GB of free upgrade cloud storage space and likewise Dropbox it can used from desktop and android device too. 50GB is huge storage space.

I registered on Box yesterday and I was amused to see their features, specially being free. I have installed in my Samsung Galaxy Ace as well as on an Android tablet. I logged in to and uploaded few files which were immediately available for download or use when I checked in from my Android device.
Have a quick look at the features which BOX has got to offer:
  1. Upload multiple images, videos, files from SD card.
  2. Clean and very user friendly UI.
  3. Access content from Android device as well as from their online website with the same login credentials.
  4. Easily manage permissions for sharing of files and folders with other friends who are using Box.
  5. Save files from other apps on your android device directly to your Box account.
  6. A widget to see updates by colleagues.
  7. Download and save files of SD card for offline usage and many more other features.
I have used Dropbox before but Box, as an android app definitely overshadows Dropbox.
Download Box from Google Play Store from here.
Did I forget to mention that the 50GB free upgrade offer is only valid until 23rd March, 12. Make sure you register your account today.

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