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How to unroot Samsung galaxy pro B7510 Gingerbread

First let me tell you why I am writing this article, after rooting we void our smartphone’s warranty. So, if you are facing any hardware problems such as sound not working, mic not working, wifi not working, etc you would not be very happy as your Samsung galaxy pro is out of warranty just because you fulfilled your rooting fantasy. Anyways, just to pull you out of those nightmares I am writing this article. You can un-root you galaxy pro whenever you want; read it to believe it:

  1. Download gingerbread file from this 4shared link. Again, as in rooting, you can download gingerbread un-root file directly from your phone by entering this link or you can download it in your PC and then transfer it to your phone. Link:
  2. Save this gingerbread un-root file in the root directory (the main directory and not in any folder) of your SD card.
  3. Power off your Samsung galaxy pro.
  4. Press “Power” + T together to enter into recovery mode. You will notice that your galaxy pro will boot for couple of times before entering to recovery mode. Don’t panic, just wait and keep pressing the key combination.
  5. Use the volume “down” key to go to the 2nd option on screen which says :

    Unroot samsung galaxy pro B7510
  6. Click on the “HOME” key to select this option.
  7. On next screen you will see, go down to that option by pressing the volume “down” key and press home key again to select.
  8. Some kernel codes will run and wait for the notification that says: “Install from SD card complete”.
  9. Press on the “HOME” key again on the option “Reboot Now”. Wait for your galaxy pro to restart.
That’s it. Your galaxy pro is un-rooted and it’s as new and good as it was on day 1 when you bought this phone. Now you can carry you phone easily to the service centre. Best of luck!
Warning: If a single step goes wrong, your galaxy pro might hardbrick. It was successful when I tested it my galaxy pro.  We would not be responsible if something goes wrong. This information has been pulled up from different websites and compiled here.
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