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Top 5 antivirus for Android

I have used about 10 different antivirus on android smartphone as well as tablet. Each one had their own pros and cons. I have picked up top 5 which i found most reliable. Check out the list below:
1. Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light: One of the most downloaded and reviewed antivirus in Android market. It has loads of features and benefits over other antivirus for android devices. It doesn’t hamper battery performance. The real time file scanner Spider Guard gives constant antivirus protection. It constantly keeps a check on suspicious malwares and autorun files on SD card. The detected threats can be moved to quarantine so that you can get more information on it later on. Its free version gives you pretty much everything related to antivirus protection. You can always opt for pro version for better mobile security and some extra features like Call Filtering, SMS filtering, Anti-theft, etc.
2. Kaspersky Mobile Security: We all know that Kaspersky is considered as one of the best antivirus for our PC and they are equally good in terms of Android devices. It’s really fast, doesn’t consume a lot of battery, scans in real time and support 14 different languages. It’s free version is pretty good but again if you need anti-theft protection and sms / call filtering, you need to opt for full/pro version. I would rate the price of full version as “EXPENSIVE” as we have other better options in lesser price.

3. NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus: I have been using this app antivirus for over a year now and I am quite satisfied with it. It gives real time security and the best part is, it does not consume a lot of ram. My battery is not affected much from this antivirus. It has a good feature of security which I like a lot; it gives me the details of the apps that might compromise my security by accessing contacts, sms, etc. So if I want to restrict any app I can do by after getting the detailed information. One fantastic feature that it has got is anti-eavesdropping which secures your call from being tapped and ensures privacy. It has one more feature which comes free of cost and that is network-traffic monitor to track your data usage. Other wonderful features include : backup and restore, system optimization and remotely locate your lost phone. Pemium version gives you some added features such as: anti-eavesdropping, safe online banking and lock and wipe data of your phone when lost. 

4. Avast Mobile Security: Avast has been popular as a PC antivirus because of its vast features that come in trial or for free. It also adds up a firewall apart from all those features that other antivirus apps provide. Its anti theft feature is quite good with loads of new things like GPS tracking, app disguiser, etc. Avast is very popular among android users and it has got a good number of reviews. Stealth mode, self-protection, trusted sim card list, remote settings change, etc are some wonderful features that Avast provides.
5. AVG Antivirus: Its features are somewhat like the mixture of all the apps mentioned above. Some extra features include: capacity to identify unsecured device settings and suggestion to fix them, guarding from phishing attack, capacity to ensure that contacts, sms and bookmarks are safe, identify phone’s location using GOOGLE MAPS GPS service, etc. Its task killer for system optimization is pretty good. A new feature that is in beta phase is battery power saver notifier which suggests which apps to close when battery is running low. It supports 15 languages.
I shared my list and you guys let me know which Antivirus is securing your phone.

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