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Top 5 email apps for Android

If you don’t like the inbuilt stock email app in your Android smartphone, then you can always use one of the following best email apps available in market. There aren’t a lot of choices for good email apps but there are few of those which are superb.

1. Gmail: Most of the android smartphones and tablets come with Gmail app. But if your device doesn’t have Gmail, then you can download it easily from market. It’s a wonderful free app for the Gmail users. If you have only Gmail account then you don’t need any other email app as this is the best one for Gmail account holders. The best part about this email app is it syncs all your contacts and can store all the contacts of your phonebook in your Gmail account, so that you don’t lose your contacts even if you lose your android phone.
2. Yahoo Mail: A dedicated app for Yahoo email account holders. You can configure your multiple yahoo accounts in this app very easily. Yahoo messenger integrated with this email client, send attachments easily, preview photos in your inbox, etc. If you have only Yahoo’s email account then you don’t need any other app apart from this one.
3. K9 Mail: Here comes my favourite app for emails. I have rooted my android smartphone and removed the stock email apps provided by Samsung. It freed up some internal space and thus I downloaded and installed K9 Mail app. The best email app undoubtedly based on the features it provide. You can add all your email accounts in this mail app. I have tested it with 6 accounts together which include Gmail, yahoo, rediff and my corporate email accounts. Very easy to set up all the accounts and you can even customize refresh time for individual accounts based on the priority. You can even save your mails on SD card. It supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007. All this is available free of cost.
4. TouchDown for smartphones: This app is considered to the best app for your corporate email accounts. It imports your contacts, calendar, tasks and emails when you connect to your exchange server. It has got multiple widgets for making the tasks easier. It is renowned for security and encryption of data. It comes for a trial period of 30 days after which you need to purchase the full version from here.
5. Mail Droid: It a highly rated app which gives you feasibility to handle multiple email accounts easily. It supports Exchange 2003/2007/2010 apart from IMAP and POP3. It comes with SD card storage support and even custom rules can be created. Pretty much like the way we use Micorsoft Outlook. It available free of cost but it comes with ad. If you don’t like ads then purchase the full version.

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