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Earn Money Using Yahoo Contributor Network Profile

Yahoo Contributor Network Profile

Yahoo Contributor Network permits freelance writers, photographers, and videographers to form cash on-line sharing their information and keenness with innumerable folks worldwide on Yahoo! sites, together with Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! TV.

How do I build cash with Yahoo Contributor Network?

Yahoo Contributor Network offers you opportunities to form cash contributive contributive articles, videos, and pictures on any topic you decide on to the Yahoo! network.

You can additionally claim assignments to publish on these Yahoo! sites:

Yahoo! News
Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo! TV
Yahoo! Voices
There area unit four ways in which to form cash from your content: Assignments, Up-front Offers, Performance Payments and Distribution.

Assignments: claim opportunities at the Assignment table for a Yahoo! or partner web site. several assignments supply up-front payments between $2 and $25, though some pay to $100.
Up-front Offers: submit content on a subject of your selection and that they is also eligible for Up-front Payments.
Yahoo! rummage around for content that is top quality, unique, useful, extremely specific, and sure to be relevant for an extended time to come back.

There area unit bound forms of content that are not eligible for direct Payment, unless you receive a particular assignment:

Creative writing (poetry, short stories and fiction)
Essays (historical, psychological and research-based articles)
Movie, music, television, or computer game reviews.
Opinion/editorial items
Product reviews (except in-depth product comparisons, guides and lists)
Local reviews (except in-depth native guides)
Content that's too common, too broad, or too the same as existing content on-line.
Content that encompasses a short shelf-life, like breaking news and sports coverage.
Content that was revealed elsewhere before it absolutely was submitted to Yahoo Contributor Network.
Yahoo! can review your submitted content and send you a suggestion usually between $2 and $15 before business it.
Performance Payments: additionally to any up-front payment, your revealed content is additionally eligible for unlimited monthly performance payments supported the quantity of traffic it receives.
Performance rates vary by web site and area unit supported a large style of factors distinctive to every web site.

Here's what proportion every taking part web site pays for each one thousands pageviews.

Yahoo! Voices: $1.50 - $2.00*
omg!: $1.15
Shine: $1.50*
Yahoo! Finance: $1.40
Yahoo! Movies: $1.15
Yahoo! News: $1.15
Yahoo! Shopping: $1.20
Yahoo! Sports: $1.10
Yahoo! TV: $1.15
* Terms and conditions apply.
Note that content is also revealed on over one Yahoo! web site. you may earn revenue {for every|for every} version of your content revealed at each of the taking part websites. Sweet!

Yahoo Contributor Network's prime contributors earn tons of, even thousands of bucks per month in Performance Payments. after all this may take time and lots of toil.

Distribution: you have got associate degree choice to management whether or not your content may be distributed to 3rd party sites and Yahoo! sites that haven't enabled Performance Payments. If content is chosen for distribution to those sites, you may receive a flat distribution bonus.

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